0 Back on the scene after a voice injury…

Stephsingingin costarica.

While in Costa Rica for my brother’s wedding in March, I got into a surfing accident which resulted in a voice injury. I am totally recovered now, but here is what happened.

I was out surfing the warm waves of Nosara, Costa Rica, and after a few attempts to stand up on my board, a huge wave came my way. I tried to stand up to ride it, but ended up falling off. At this point the surfboard came crashing into my right vocal cord. I couldn’t talk for weeks after the accident, let alone sing.

After I returned home to DC I did a little research and was lucky enough to get an appointment with the best voice specialist in the country, Doctor Steven Zeitels. He has worked with many clients including Julie Andrews, Cher, Adele, Steven Tyler, etc… He said the best medicine would be to rest my voice completely, which meant not singing at all for a while. It was difficult for me not to sing, as many of you know singing is my passion and livelihood.

After a few months of resting my voice, I can happily say that my vocal cords are completely recovered! I am back on the DC music scene!